Cylne New Chapter

The secound update for Cylne is now available with a new Chapter : 11About the chapter
This chapter is inspired by the Prometheus myth (but it is not a cover of it). There is the same poetic and philosophical way as usual. The world alternates dark and light ambiances with a choice to make in it (whereas it occurred only in the chapter V « The Choice »). There is a more open world feeling filled with disorientation and the level provides some clarifications about the game.
10New musics
12 new musics comes with this new chapter with an orchestral and romantic mood as well as some distorted guitars.

Click the sun icon above the Chapters icons.
It’s better to have completed the 5 other chapters before but it’s not required.

In addition :
– Fixes : beginning hints in Chapter IV savings.
– Menu : full screen hint added in the options and other minor improvements.
– Some sound design adjustments.
– Ending credits adjusted.

Steam store

Cylne Spring Sale

Cylne is now available with a 30% promotion during 7 days on Steam :
The promotion begins today, on this Thursday, May 7 at 10:00 am, Pacific time.
Offer end in 7 days, on Thursday, May 14 (at 10:00 am, Pacific time).

Cylne first update

The first update for Cylne is now available :

New music added :
It’s a new guitar music which comes with a Chapter III cutscene.

Improved textures :
– Chapter II : metal, different walls – Chapter I : metal, fireball and room 1 ending
– Chapter IV : striped textures – Chapter III : some back ground textures

In addition :
– 3D environments improved : in Chapter III and some elements in Chapter I.
– Fixes : sound cut at the end of chapter II ; warning hints in Chapter IV beginning ; player could move during the secound cutscene of Chapter IV ; z fighing (Chapter II-scene 2).
– Improved level design : Chapter I : room 1 ; Chapter III : rotary structure.
– Improved cutscene : Chapter I (exit room 1).
– Some sound design adjustments and beginning hint added to all chapters.

The download duration is the same as the first download.

Cylne turns Green

After one year and two months of waiting, Cylne is finally greenlit !

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for the game and everyone who gave a feedback or a critic.



Cylne FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

What language is Cylne available in ?
In english. However the english language used is very basic and very rare. The game uses mainly symbolic elements : he can be finished without good english knowledge.

Is there a Linux support ?
Unfortunately not : one can’t export the game for Linux with the UDK engine.

Is there a gamepad support ?
Yes. The default gamepad is the xbox gamepad. Of course you can use emulation.

There should be a « Hint-Option » or something like for puzzle beginners.
There is now a hint option by pressing the « U » key : a drawing is displayed.

Is there a multiplayer mode ?
No, Cylne is single-player only.

Is Cylne a sandbox game ?
No but player can sometimes feel disorientation…

What is the story ?
There is no clear story. The player doesn’t know who he is, where he comes from and where he goes. In a way, the player creates his own story. It’s more about self revelation.
Someone told me about a chapter it’s like a Rorschach test (it’s a psychological test in which subjects’ perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed).

Similar games ?
I think players who love games like Kairo, Dear Esther, Myst, NaissanceE, The Path or Journey could love Cylne.

Is Cylne a Myst-like game ?
I haven’t played Myst/Riven/Other Myst. Many comments report Myst. I saw on videos some strange similtudes. But I think one of the main difference is the universe. Cylne takes place in a full unreal world. So I would answer yes and no…

How long will it take me to play through the game ?
It takes around five hours.

Is there checkpoints ?

Is it a contemplative game ?
Not only, there are real puzzles to solve and some platforming.

Is Cylne a psychedelic game ?
I prefer to describe it as a poetic game.

Is there a E or F key ?

Where are my weapons ?
You don’t have weapons.

I can’t move the player with my AZERTY keyboard :
Press ALT + SHIFT. Else use the arrows keys.

There is strange blue lines around objects :
It’s an intented effect.

System requirement :
Minimum :
– Windows XP SP3 or Vista
– 2.0+ GHz processor
– 2 GB system RAM
– SM3-compatible video card
– around 630 MB Free hard drive space

Recommanded :
– Windows Seven
– 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
– 3 GB system RAM
– NVIDIA 8000 or above
– around 630 MB Free hard drive space

Cylne Alpha Demo

A Cylne Alpha demo is now avalable at :

This is a part of the first chapter. This is still work in progress, but it will give you a good understanding of the game.


– Windows XP SP3 or Vista
– 2.0+ GHz processor
– 2 GB system RAM
– SM3-compatible video card
– 340 MB Free hard drive space
Recommanded :
– Windows Seven
– 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
– 3 GB system RAM
– NVIDIA 8000 or above
– 340 MB Free hard drive space

Installation: Extract the contents of the zip to a folder on your hard-drive. Double click the CylneDemo1.0.exe.

Spoiler : to access the first chapter, click enter, then click the first symbol on your left.