« As I played, I thought of Ben Marcus’ The Age of Wire and String, a novel/short story collection/encyclopedia about a world built from the detritus of structures both physical and social. Marcus, much like Cylne, places his reader within an unfamiliar world made from familiar parts, and only by sifting the wreckage of language can the reader make sense of the world she glimpses on the page. Cylne asks something similar of its player: a willingness to abandon assumed operational functions to embrace alternate paths to meaning. [..] the game’s aesthetics make for some uniquely beautiful environments as well as some insightful moments of clarity about the nature of play. »
70/100David Chandler,

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Steam curators :
« A surreal exploration game, with dreamy levels and obscure meanings. »
– – Weird Games for Your Pleasure

« An exploration of existentialism that will captivate you with aesthetics and leave you questioning the meaning of it all.  »
“The existential attitude” is a philosophical concept that describes an individual’s starting point in their existential journey; it is described as: “a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless and absurd world.” This concept provides the most accurate description of the feeling CyIne will invoke in the player.  »
Original Curators Group


« Some games don’t bother to pamper us, not content to trouble the usual codes of gaming, they even allow sometimes break the ultimate taboo and override the injunction of immediate pleasure. »
In french : « Certains titres ne prennent en effet pas la peine de nous choyer, non contents de mettre à mal les codes habituels du jeu vidéo, ils se permettent même parfois de briser l’ultime tabou et de passer outre l’injonction du plaisir immédiat. »
Miniblob, former journalist at,


« Cylne, an atypical journey. (…) will intrigue the curious who like to enjoy unusual experiences in the video game and stir their imagination. »

In french : « Cylne, un voyage atypique. (…) Son univers a de quoi intriguer les curieux qui aiment profiter d’expériences atypiques dans le jeu vidéo et faire travailler leur imaginaire. »

« Poems always invoke an insightful visual style through their prose. What readers see is up to their interpretation, though. Robert Frost’s “Road Less Traveled” might be a bramble-laden dark forest to one person and a trashy alley to another. It all depends on perspective. There’s generally a tactile nature to poems, and you can almost feel your way through them, reaching out into the dark while a trail of unknown entities whizzes by you. That sense of journey, of exploration, is what seems to have inspired the first-person exploration game, Cylne. »
Adam Paris,

« In the midst of a rising surplus of non combat, exploration games, Cylne shows promise to deliver an emotional experience about self revelation. The game is clearly trying to do something different, and for that reason, it deserves some attention. »
Kurt Indovina,

« This game looks like a poster from the 90s come to life. (…) the ones you’d eventually get to if you kept on flipping, which portrayed wilderness scenes with vaguely new age or pagan imagery. That pretty much describes the look of the surreal exploration game Cylne. »
Jason Johnson,

« Cylne is certainly not a game like any other. It’s more a psychedelic and poetic trip than a classic adventure game. This demo should convince you without difficulty.  »
In french : « Cylne n’est certainement pas un jeu comme les autres. Il s’agit davantage d’un trip psychédélique et poétique que d’un jeu d’aventure classique. Cette démo devrait d’ailleurs vous en convaincre sans difficulté. »

« Here Are 50 Very Cool IGF 2014 Entries That We’ve Never Heard Of »
Indiestatik Staff,

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